October 24, 2020 Pack The Polls Car Parades in Cities Across Wisconsin

“Pack the Polls Parades”
These events will share common themes:

They will be non-partisan and pro-voting. Decorate your vehicle to show your reasons for voting (i.e. “I’m voting for my grandchildren!” “Vote for Peace!” “Justice for All!” “Climate Justice Now!”)

Many of these events will appreciate the local clerks, poll workers, mail carriers, and other frontline workers who make democracy possible in these pandemic times.

They will be safe and inclusive. Not everyone can march, canvass, drop literature, or take part in traditional “Get Out the Vote” activities – especially during a pandemic, but many of us can find our way into a car that is decorated with our hopes for a better world.

These events will promote and provide information about early voting, and that from this date (10/24) on, it would be safer to hand-deliver absentee ballots to a designated site, and not risk your ballot arriving by mail after November 3rd.

Lastly, they all will be linked together in a “Unity Zoom Gathering” so that speakers, performances, and commentators can be viewed, safely, by any who can access Zoom or Facebook Live.

So far, it looks like there will be parades in Madison, Fond du Lac, Janesville, La Crosse, Racine, Beloit, Milwaukee, River Falls, Fitchburg, and Green Bay! 
New communities, including Kenosha, are joining each day.

Imagine: Seventeen or more car caravans, in the same window of time, all over Wisconsin, all with the same nonpartisan message: Let’s turn out the vote! Let’s reduce the risks by voting early. Let’s leave no vote behind. Let’s celebrate democracy and our right to vote!

We will link these parades via a “Unity Zoom Gathering” which will then be broadcasted via Facebook Live: https://www.facebook.com/buildingunitywi  

Spread the “Save the Date” on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/events/641315329907539/

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