Milwaukee Freedom Fund – Wauwatosa Legal Resources

Milwaukee Freedom Fund

Protesting tonight after curfew? Be careful and write the number for Kimberley Motley on your body (704) 763-5413 to call from jail. We don’t know where folks will be taken or if they will have their right to a lawyer, right to a phone call or other rights respected if arrested. Law enforcement has changed their tactics up making it hard to find arrested protesters. So we are adjusting our process and working with some folks to ensure each arrested protester:

Has a lawyer to challenge a curfew ticket

Has access to bail if they need it

Has access to funds to pay a ticket if they need it.

Has access to funds to pay for towed vehicles.

If you have been arrested or had a vehicle towed and you have not connected with us or Kimberley please use this form:

We want to make sure you all know that we have your back.

Tips for protesting in Tosa:Let someone who is not protesting know where you will be.Use encrypted apps like signal or telegram for secure messaging.


Don’t live stream, especially not publicly, and if you take video or photos try to avoid taking pictures of other demonstrators’ faces or anything else that might identify them.

Police have issued people with curfew tickets and other more serious charges based only on seeing them in live streams.

Videos and photos, and anything else on your phone can be used as evidence against you and others if you’re arrested. Many people who have been detained for curfew violation in both Kenosha and Tosa did not get their phones back upon release, and some have been tracked to the Milwaukee FBI office.

CARRY WATER to keep yourself hydrated but especially to flush your eyes and throat if you’re hit with teargas. Street medics have requested that protesters carry what they need to handle teargas, minor pain etc. so they can focus on those with more serious injuries.Buddy up. 4 is better than 2. Stick together until you’re all home or in your cars (and ideally out of the curfew/ law enforcement activity area).

Check in with each other when you make it home. It’s OK to back down. Be aware of your limits.There are armed security personnel for the protests, due to death threats.There are also armed counter protesters who attempt to intimidate the protests.Stay with your group and the people you know.

We are moving quickly. We are not lawyers but we did consult with lawyers to get information out. We now have a resource list that can be updated more often: This has information on how to connect with a lawyer, get help with bail, tickets and towing fees.

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