Madison, October 26, 2020: Speak in Defense of Black Lives at Common Council Public Hearing

Freedom Inc

Tonight, October 20, at the Common Council Public Hearing our community showed out and demanded that the Mayor and Common Council defend our communities and defund police!We demanded the Common Council strip money away from the historically racist system of police terror, instead of our communities. People called them out in this time of economic and social turmoil; demanded that they pay attention to how police have proved themselves to be brutalizers.

We made it known that the racial disparity in policing is apparent to Madisonians. We brought attention to global uprisings against police; that this is an issue igniting on a global scale. With our collective voices we demanded the Common Council do the jobs we elected them to do: INVEST in vital community resources. DEMAND the mayor DEFUND the Madison Police Department. We demanded they make the vital decision of defunding police to defend Black lives. Our community showed that we understand what accountability from our electeds look like. We interrupted their space and advocated for our most vulnerable communities and our futures.

Remember we have another opportunity to do this.

Please watch and register to speak at the next Public Hearing on October 26th at 4:30pm. Freedom Inc.

Tell Madison Police to #EatTheCuts#DefundPolice#InvestInCommunity

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