Labor-Community Members Bolster Machinists Union Picket Line at AstenJohnson in Appleton; Solidarity Building Statewide

Note: Strike settled October 24, 2020

By Wisconsin Bail Out The People Movement

Labor and community supporters on October 23 joined members of the Machinists Union (IAM District 10) on strike at AstenJohnson in Appleton. Union supporters including from the Teamsters Local 344 and USW District 2 and members of the Wisconsin Bail Out The People Movement walked the line with their fellow workers. Food not Bombs – Fox Valley set up a “solidarity not charity” kitchen on the line offering hot food, beverages and snacks to the strikers and supporters. Support posters and leaflets were distributed on the line. Community support literature distribution is ongoing.

Machinists Union members at AstenJohnson have been on strike for a week and Teamster members in the facility are honoring the lines. The strikers have received solidarity from across the state with the Wisconsin State AFL-CIO and affiliated federations such as the Fox Valley Area Labor Council providing a variety of support.

IAM Media Release:

Join the picket line at: 6480 W College Avenue, Appleton, WI 54914

For more information: (920) 219-4919 /

All Photos: Wisconsin Bail Out The People Movement

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