MANITOWOC, WI: City Secretly Funds Investigation Against First Black Alderperson – City Council Meeting October 27, 2020

Crusaders Of Justicia

NOTE: The October 27, 2020 Manitowoc Common Council meeting is at 900 Quay Street, 1st Floor at 5:45 P.M. Any member of the public wishing to address the Mayor and Common Council has the opportunity to do so at the Council meeting each month, during public input.

The Common Council meeting is being conducted both in Council Chambers at City Hall and via remote conferencing software due to a state of emergency and federal, state, and local guidance on gatherings. Members of the public may call to listen in at 888 475 4499 US Toll-free, Meeting ID: 869 9469 2782 Password: 280358. Those wishing to make public comment should email or call 920-686-6952 with their comment no later than 3:00 p.m. Central the day of the meeting.


October 26, 2020
For Immediate Release
Crusaders Of Justicia

Crusaders Of Justicia

City Secretly Funds Investigation Against First Black Alderperson

Manitowoc city officials, both elected and non-elected, across numerous city departments, are colluding to conduct a secret investigation into the residency status of Mr. Aaron Bailey, the city’s first and only Black Alderperson. Open records requests by Crusaders Of Justicia and others attempting to obtain even the most basic information about (or even the existence) of the investigation have been improperly delayed or denied, excluding the public from knowing about activities of their government, contrary to Wisconsin open records law.

According to Manitowoc City Attorney Kathleen McDaniel, “a private citizen” engaged a private investigator to investigate the residency of Alderperson Bailey, and gave the report to Council President Eric Sitkiewitz. For some reason President Sitkiewitz and the city are concealing the identity of the anonymous accuser. Due to the secrecy surrounding the city’s handling of the accusation, the public is being left in the dark as to why residency requirements should embroil the city in a contentious and costly witch-hunt.

This is textbook structural racism. Residency requirements are bureaucratic barriers to participation in our supposedly representative government, which are working exactly as intended to exclude under-represented populations. Poor and minority people have far more instability and mobility in their personal lives, which makes it far harder to meet these unnecessary bureaucratic obstacles that have been put in place by privileged and powerful people, most of whom have the benefit of the stability that comes with owning their homes for long periods of time. Demanding proof of residency is a significant tool to exclude poor and minority people from participation in their government, and even in voting.

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View Entire Press Release Here

Manitowoc Common Council page:

Mr. Anthony Bailey at the Crusaders of Justicia table at the Manitowoc Farmers Market, one of the numerous community engagement activities he contributes to. / Photo: Crusaders Of Justicia
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