Kenoshans United for Safe Schools

Kenosha Unified School District sent these t-shirts to educators asking them to wear them and take selfies using the hashtag #kusdstrong, but Kenosha educators aren’t feeling it. The district has them in buildings five days a week for face-to-face learning in a global pandemic that’s hit Kenosha particularly hard without the proper protection or protocols to deal with the virus. There have been 113 positive cases (10/27) in the district already this year. Educators are instead converting their shirts to #KUSDwrong and demanding the district go all virtual immediately.#DemandSafeSchools

Kenoshans United for Safe Schools

Our educators have found themselves at the heart of a national crisis without the support and resources they need to be at their best for their students. Instead of ignoring the danger our schools and community are facing, Kenosha Unified School District should focus on prioritizing safety for students and staff. #KUSDwrong

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