October 30, 2020: Phone Zap: Drop the Charges Against the Shelby 5 In Michigan!

Detroit Will Breathe





Macomb county prosecutor
Jean Cloud

Macomb county executive
Mark Hackel
(586) 469-7001

Police in Jim Crow Shelby Twp are charging 5 protesters with baseless felonies (resisting arrest, obstruction, assaulting) after an arrest for stepping off the sidewalk during a march. Officers came with riot shields, batons and even attack dogs to threaten peaceful protesters, bringing back a form of racism reminiscent of Birmingham, 1963.

These arrests and charges are an egregious violation of first amendment rights. Shelby Twp’s Chief of police Robert Shelide, Michigan’s own Bull Connor, has made statements calling protesters “vicious subhumans” and threatened to put them in body bags. This racist rhetoric is shocking to the conscience, and even more so when backed up with action by the officers who work for him, like we saw last week. Macomb county prosecutor Jean Cloud has chosen to pursue these charges, showing that she clearly stands with Jim Crow racism and the suppression of the right to protest. We demand that Jean Cloud drop these charges immediately!

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