Madison, November 4, 2020: Don’t Let Trump Steal the Election! Build the People’s Struggle!

Allies for Black Lives – Madison

State Capitol, Madison – 5:30 P.M.

– All out to fight Trump’s attacks on democracy and make sure every vote is counted!
– Extend mail in voting to all voters for all elections going and make Election Day a Paid National Holiday so all working class people can vote NO MATTER WHO LEGITIMATELY WINS the election, we demand – MEDICARE for ALL,
– NO EVICTIONS, FORECLOSURES or UTILITY SHUTOFFS during the course of the Pandemic!
– TAX the RICH, NO BUDGET CUTS to public services for working people, youth, seniors and people with disabilities
– DEFUND the JAILS and POLICE by at least 50%, cancel the $225 million Dane County jail plan AND put the money to housing, education, jobs programs and health services. We need as many people on board as possible! Contact us if your organization can co-host and mobilize!

*Wear a mask
*Respect social distancing

– Our Wisconsin Rev
– Socialist Alternative
– Democratic Socialists of America – Madison
– Allies for Black Lives
– Indivisible – Wisconsin
– Impact Demand
– People’s Green New Deal – Madison

The Rally is also supported by the following:
– South Central Federation of Labor
– UW-Madison Teaching Assistants Association

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