Madison, November 4, 2020: Keep the People’s Struggle Moving! DE-FUND THE POLICE and INVEST IN BLACK PEOPLE! Fight for Workers!

Hosted by Allies for Black Lives – Madison, Indivisible Wisconsin Statewide

WI WILL WINUrban TriageFreedom IncDemocratic Socialists of America – Madison

We know that no matter the outcome November 3, we’ll have our work cut out for us. While our hopes may be with the lesser of two evils, we know that a corporate-controlled political party can never represent the interests of the people.

Join us November 4 at 4:30 pm, at Apple Hilldale, 702 N. Midvale Blvd. Madison, for a car caravan in solidarity with people who are organizing all over the country. We will let our elected officials know that we will not be fooled. We will stand against facism and racism in all their forms and we will continue to uplift the demands of the Movement for Black Lives, as we have been doing for months, not only to ensure Trump’s departure from the White House but to DEFUND THE POLICE and INVEST IN BLACK PEOPLE.

Right here in Dane County we have the opportunity to divest from the systems of punishment that are beloved to both Republicans and Democrats and to invest in authentic conceptions of safety. We will continue to demand that the Dane County Board put Resolution 145 on their agendas and vote to BUILD THE PEOPLE, NOT THE JAIL.

We will also continue to send the message to the city council that defunding the police will remain our priority budget cycle after budget cycle. We are only growing stronger. We know that white supremacists may use the election as an opportunity to coalesce and we are prepared to stand with other local groups organizing in defense of vulnerable communities. But we will not be satisfied playing defense and we will not be deterred from the work that started long ago. We’re creating a new world, and we will win.

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