November 17, 2020: Public Comment Call-In: Drop The Charges Against the Shelby 5! Fire Shelide!

Hosted by Detroit Will Breathe

Call (646) 558 8656 or join Zoom meeting ID 924 0008 9349. – 7 P.M. EST

The Board of Trustees is like a city council for the township. You will have THREE WHOLE MINUTES to speak so we’ve prepared extra talking points for you to use if you’d like.

Talking points:
1. Fire Shelide! Shelide’s Twitter comments showed him advocating for police-brutality against protestors. This is exactly what Shelide and the Shelby PD did to the non-violent marchers on October 24th, violently attacking and injuring our group, putting at least 2 people in the hospital.
2. Drop the charges against the Shelby 5! No one from our group should have been arrested for a misdemeanor of walking in the road, let alone beaten by police or charged with felonies.
3. Who signed off on this? Why were so many police jurisdictions used to violently respond to our march, when both SHIFT and Detroit Will Breathe have a clear history of holding marches without violence from attendees?(Shelby PD, Metro Macomb Swat team, Macomb County Sheriff, Oakland County Sheriff, Sterling Heights PD, Utica PD, Stoney Creek Park Police, Michigan State Police). Who signed off on this multi-agency tactical assault? How much did it cost? How much force were police authorized to use on nonviolent protesters?
4. What about the militias? K-9 units, SWAT, and Riot police armed with gas masks/tear gas, rubber bullets, and pepper spray stalked us and were deployed on us while less than a mile up the road, at the Shelby Township municipal center, civilian militia members armed with semi-automatic weapons and attack dogs were waiting for us as a “counter-protest”. Why was this clear threat of violence by militia not handled with the brutality aimed at our non-violent march against racism and police brutality?
5. Shelide is a LIABILITY for Shelby Township and all of Southeast Michigan if he retains his role as Chief of Police. The protests against him will not end and the violent police response to protestors exercising their first amendment rights will only end up in massive financial loss for Shelby Twp and the continued discrediting of their police department and township officials.
6. Where’s the accountability? In June, Shelide was given a slap on the wrist and sent to racial sensitivity training for his comments calling protesters “subhumans” and threatening to put them in body bags. Even after this, Shelide’s department created a spectacle right out of Birmingham, 1963, when they sent riot shields and attack dogs to keep non-violent protesters from stepping off the sidewalk during our march and charged 5 of them with felonies just for exercising their first amendment rights. This demonstrates the insufficiency of half-measure reforms to address the systemic racism and violence of the police. Shelide is Michigan’s own Bull Connor and must be fired.

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