Defend the Post Office and Postal Workers!

More Info: APWU – The American Postal Workers Union

Defend the Post Office and Postal Workers!

On Friday, Postmaster General DeJoy confirmed that he intends to bring back his slowdown policies across the country. “The Postal Service is suffering a deep financial crisis, caused by the Coronavirus pandemic: more cuts and delays is the opposite of what the USPS needs right now!” says the American Postal Workers Union (APWU). That’s why they’re taking action across the country, Nov. 17 including locally at the Curseen Morris Processing and Distribution Center.*

“We’ve defended our democratic rights, now we must defend the post office. As we celebrate Postal Workers, we also renew our demand – to save the Post Office.”

You can also take action by calling (844) 402-1001.

*Joseph P. Curseen and Thomas L. Morris Jr. were two postal workers at the Brentwood Postal Facility, which was closed from October 2001 to December 2003, after becoming contaminated by anthrax that was sent to several US Congressmembers. Curseen and Morris died from inhaling anthrax, and the facility has been re-named in their honor.

LIVE! #SaveThePostOffice Day of Action! Organizing & visiting Post Office locations across the country Nov. 17 to #SaveThePostOffice and defend democracy. #OrganizeToWinAPWU – The American Postal Workers UnionUS Postal Service

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