Milwaukee: Email and Call Alderpersons to Say: No COPS Grant! #DefundPolice

African-American Civic Engagement Roundtable

Another opportunity to speak on keeping us safe. Email Alderwoman JoCasta Zamarripa at let her know what you think about her considering this grant that will add more money to the almost $300 million police budget and add no value/benefit to our community.

Tomorrow the Finance and Personnel committee meet, possibly in a close door session, to discuss the COPS grant.

Email JoCasta today and tomorrow reminding her this adds no value to our community, it would only harm it. Our voices through the entire budget process this year and even going back to last year’s budget cycle was, we must be defunding the police not accepting grants to hire more police! We have to continue to demand and push the Common Council and all their committees NOT to accept this grant that will add more criminalization in our community. We want less police in our community, not more.

#Share #support #LiberateMKE #DefendBlackLives #DefundPolice

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