UW-Milwaukee, December 5, 2020: Tell Chancellor Mone: No Cops On Campus!

Hosted by Students for a Democratic Society – Milwaukee

2380 E Kenwood Blvd., UW-Milwaukee @ 3 P.M.

UWM police antagonize Black and Brown students, faculty, and staff, harm members of the surrounding community, and are nowhere to be found when they say they’re here to protect and serve (like when a Nazi is on campus). They are also a serious drain on our campus resources, and other valuable programs and services suffer because of it.

The answer is obvious: no cops on campus, and prioritize programs and services that we actually need!

Join us to hand deliver our demands to Chancellor Mone!1. Cancel all contracts with the Milwaukee Police Department, the Milwaukee County Sheriff, and the UWM campus police for supplemental law enforcement support at sporting events, concerts, ceremonies, or other large-scale events hosted by the campus community or at University facilities.
2. Bar any joint patrol programs on University-owned and affiliated properties.
3. End the agreement between the University of Wisconsin System and the Police Training Institute, and return the funding from the Department of Justice or reallocate the purpose of the funds toward transformative justice models that do not involve the police.
4. Disarm, defund, and disband the UWMPD and entrust the safety of the University campus community to unarmed mediation and intervention teams with third-party oversight.
5. Transfer the majority of “services” and related resources and funding currently organized under the UWMPD into other existing departments or create new structures supporting social well-being and community health.

Masks required. 

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