Burlington Coalition for Dismantling Racism – Prayer Vigil and Car Caravan November 30, 2020

Hosted by Sophia

The Burlington Coalition for Dismantling Racism will have a socially distanced, mask-wearing prayer vigil at:
Echo Lake Park
589 Milwaukee Avenue
Burlington, WI 53105

3 P.M.

We’ll then caravan in our cars past the homes of the Burlington Area School District’s (BASD’s) board members and superintendent to call on them to:

– Publicly denounce racism and bigotry
– Protect the safety of students of color
– Collaborate with the Burlington Coalition for Dismantling Racism for the adoption of a strong anti-racism policy / curriculum
– Hold those who perpetuate racism accountable

In the meantime, you can still contribute to meaningful change by writing letters, sending emails, and making phone calls to the Burlington Area School District.Remind them to keep their word by allowing BCDR to have a voice in the creation of an antiracism policy for the district. (This was promised repeatedly by Superintendent Plank, in writing). Remind them that an anti-racist curriculum must reflect the voices and concerns of the people who will mostly be impacted by them.When you contact them, express your concerns with the racism and inequitable practices that they are contributing to and upholding within their school district.

Demand and stress the importance of their moral and legal obligations to keep black and brown children safe.Tell Burlington Area School District to take action!

Send correspondence to:

Superintendent: Stephen Plank splank@basd.k12.wi.usBurlington Area School Board Members:

President: Rosanne Hahn rhahn@basd.k12.wi.us
Vice President: Kevin Bird kbird@basd.k12.wi.us
Treasurer: Peter Turke pturke@basd.k12.wi.us
Taylor Wishau twishau@basd.k12.wi.us
Susan Kessler skessler@basd.k12.wi.us
Barry Schmaling bschmaling@basd.k12.wi.us
Diane Wood dwood@basd.k12.wi.us

Our fight against the Tories is a fight against racism ...

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