December 10, 2020 (Online) Labor Education: Unions Fight Back to Stop Budget Cuts and Layoffs!

Without substantial support from the Federal government and new efforts to raise revenue in New York State, we’re expecting a year of massive budget cuts. This will mean layoffs of union workers, cuts to services necessary to poor and working people and will likely slide us into recession impacting all working people. We’re already seeing the beginnings of this process with layoffs already beginning in our city for many.

Unions play a critical role in fighting back against these budget cuts and layoffs. Join Rochester Labor Council’s Next Up in a webinar to discuss the expected impacts of budget cuts and what we can do about them!

We will be joined by Thea Lee, the President of the Economic Policy Institute as she shares how labor and community organizations can rise to the challenge set before us!

WHAT: Unions Fight Back webinar with Thea Lee
WHEN: Thursday, December 10th, 6pm
Register here!

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