A Hero’s Welcome: Inside Evo Morales’ Triumphant Return Tour


By: Oliver Vargas On: November 19, 2020

La Paz (MPN– The return of Evo Morales to Bolivia on Monday, November 9, one day after President Luis Arce’s inauguration, marked the formal end of last year’s U.S.-backed coup. What does his return mean for Bolivia, and for the world? Is he just a former president who the media will turn to periodically for comment? Is Evo yesterday’s news to his party? The answers to those questions remain unclear, but what is clear is that his three-day return tour was a statement that he intends to provide strong leadership for social movements in Bolivia and abroad…

We are anti-imperialist, that’s not up for debate. But sisters and brothers, listen to me closely, it’s not about being ‘populist’ or ‘progressive’ or ‘in solidarity.’ If you’re not anti-imperialist then you’re not revolutionary. Get that in your head brothers and sisters.’’ — Evo Morales

Geopolitics Alert

Bolivia's Evo Morales begins bid for fourth term despite ...

UW-Milwaukee, December 5, 2020: Tell Chancellor Mone: No Cops On Campus!

Hosted by Students for a Democratic Society – Milwaukee

2380 E Kenwood Blvd., UW-Milwaukee @ 3 P.M.

UWM police antagonize Black and Brown students, faculty, and staff, harm members of the surrounding community, and are nowhere to be found when they say they’re here to protect and serve (like when a Nazi is on campus). They are also a serious drain on our campus resources, and other valuable programs and services suffer because of it.

The answer is obvious: no cops on campus, and prioritize programs and services that we actually need!

Join us to hand deliver our demands to Chancellor Mone!1. Cancel all contracts with the Milwaukee Police Department, the Milwaukee County Sheriff, and the UWM campus police for supplemental law enforcement support at sporting events, concerts, ceremonies, or other large-scale events hosted by the campus community or at University facilities.
2. Bar any joint patrol programs on University-owned and affiliated properties.
3. End the agreement between the University of Wisconsin System and the Police Training Institute, and return the funding from the Department of Justice or reallocate the purpose of the funds toward transformative justice models that do not involve the police.
4. Disarm, defund, and disband the UWMPD and entrust the safety of the University campus community to unarmed mediation and intervention teams with third-party oversight.
5. Transfer the majority of “services” and related resources and funding currently organized under the UWMPD into other existing departments or create new structures supporting social well-being and community health.

Masks required. 

December 3, 2020: Tenants Rights 101 Seminar Online

Hosted by Milwaukee Autonomous Tenants Union

The Milwaukee Autonomous Tenants Union will be holding two presentations and a question and answer session on what specific rights tenants have and how they are able to put these rights into action.

Evictions, houselessness and housing insecurity are major problems in Milwaukee and with the CDC Federal Eviction Moratorium expiring on January 1st, hundreds of families that were previously protected, will face immediate removal from their homes.

MATU has identified a lack of knowledge among tenants about their rights as a major problem in Milwaukee and will hold these seminars regularly in order to reach as many people as possible. When tenants know their rights and work together, they are more powerful than exploitative landlords.

This event is free and will be held via facebook live. Please feel free to ask questions after the presentation and make sure to invite your friends, family and others who are renters!

December 3, 10 & 17 2020: Freedom Inc #BLAQ TABLE TALKS

Hosted by Freedom Inc

Join us for a 3-Part Series on Thursdays starting Dec 3rd! This is a closed space for Black LGBTQIA+ folks to heal, build relationships, and get connected to resources. Registration links below! Sign up early to receive a care package that has everything you need to make the most out of these three events.12/3: NAVIGATING HEALING AND HOUSING
Dec 3rd: bit.ly/BLAQhousing
Join us as we learn how to navigate the instability that pandemic housing has brought into our lives. We’ll hear your concerns, answer your questions, and help you stay on your feet.12/10: QUEER RELATIONSHIPS AND SELF-EXPRESSION
Dec 10th: bit.ly/BLAQrelationships
What do sex, intimacy, and expression look like during a pandemic? We’ll be talking through the challenges and triumphs of the times for queer folks of color with perspectives from those of us who have partners and those who know the ins and outs of safe, healthy sex. Above all, this is a celebration of the beauty and uniqueness of our queer selves.12/17: PAINT & SIP & HOLIDAY JOY
Dec 17th: bit.ly/BLAQholiday
For this week, we’ll be joined by our own Sami Schalk as we find and embrace joy during the holidays. Dress up, get cozy, and take a sip with us as we paint away our worries. Our work is important, but so is relaxing and remembering all of the things that bring us happiness.

November 29, 2020 Online Rally: International Solidarity with Palestinians

Hosted by Palestine Solidarity Campaign UKJewish Voice for Peace and Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Movement

REGISTER HERE: www.bit.ly/3fbOY6X

Sunday 29th November is the UN Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People. At a time when physical gatherings are difficult, we are organising an online international rally to show our solidarity. This is being coordinated jointly by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign UK, Jewish Voice for Peace, and the BDS National Committee.

Join us as we bring together a range of Palestinian voices, poets, musicians, and social justice campaigners to rally for Palestine.

– Amer Zahr (Palestinian-American comedian and political activist)
– Joshua Virasami (artist, writer and political organiser)
– Noura Erakat (human rights attorney)
– Le Trio Joubran (musicians)
– Maxine Peake (actress)
– Omar Barghouti (BDS Movement)
– Aja Monet (poet)
– Stefanie Fox (Jewish Voice for Peace Director)
– Kevin Courtney (Trades Union Congress)
– Ben Jamal (Palestine Solidarity Campaign Director)
– William Shoki (student activist South Africa)
– Nadia Silhi, (Chilean-Palestinian legal researcher)
– Rabbi Alissa Wise (JVP)
– And more to be announced!!!!!

STARTS AT: 11am (US Central Time) / 5pm (UK Time) / 7pm (Palestine Time) !!!!

REGISTER HERE: www.bit.ly/3fbOY6X

Support Parole and Compassionate Release for Dr. Mutulu Shakur

Support Parole and Compassionate Release for Dr. Mutulu Shakur

SIGN PETITION: https://bit.ly/3lgLUrB

We strongly support the parole and immediate compassionate release for Dr. Mutulu Shakur. We are confident that his release poses no danger to our communities, and we urge you to allow him to rejoin his family and friends.

Why is this important?

Dr. Shakur is recognized as a leading member of the movement for human rights for African Americans. He has spent over three decades behind bars because of his political beliefs and the actions motivated by those beliefs. He is also recognized as a Doctor of Acupuncture who pioneered the use of acupuncture for drug addiction. Acupuncturists all over the United States and Canada are still utilizing his work to this day.

SIGN PETITION: https://bit.ly/3lgLUrB

Mutulu’s convictions come out of a complex and turbulent moment in American history, when civil unrest fractured our country into pieces. They arise from his commitment to the social justice movement for Black liberation, originating in the 1960’s. He was targeted and victimized by the FBI’s now-infamous Counter- Intelligence Program (COINTELPRO) as early as 1968. He was convicted of RICO conspiracy and connection to the 1981 Brinks Robbery, and the earlier prison escape of Assata Shakur. Dr. Shakur has taken full responsibility for his life and his actions.

SIGN PETITION: https://bit.ly/3lgLUrB

Dr. Shakur has received a diagnosis of life-threatening advanced bone marrow cancer. He had already been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and glaucoma. In 2013, he suffered from a stroke that required several months for recovery. In 2019 he experienced increasing pain; after months of medical neglect, advanced bone marrow cancer was diagnosed. Now Mutulu is suffering from extensive painful bone lesions, caused by the growth of the bone marrow cancer in parts of his spine, ribs and pelvis. The cancer has also destroyed a large area of bone around his right 7th rib, replacing bone with cancer cells, creating a propensity to break. Dr. Shakur is 69 years old, and aging in prison after 34 years of incarceration. He needs treatment and recovery in humane conditions immediately. We fear for his survival and his life.

SIGN PETITION: https://bit.ly/3lgLUrB