Drop The Charges On Dedan Waciuri, Stop The Attack On Our Community!

SIGN PETITION: https://bit.ly/3g9KjmA

Dedan Waciuri was raised in the struggle by his mother, Greenville organizer, Willie Carol Roberts. Her involvement in the Black Workers for Justice and the Coalition Against Racism has inspired and motivated Dedan throughout his nine years of community organizing. He has cultivated a valuable network of organizers including BWFJ, CAR, and the Black Alliance for Peace. These organizations fight for affordable housing, a civilian police review board, and an end to police brutality. This has culminated in the founding of Mapinduzi this summer.

On May 31, 2020, the people of Greenville gathered to protest the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor and police brutality in America. Dedan attended the event with a megaphone, a list of demands, and the support of the community.  At this rally, Dedan spoke to a crowd of 300 people about the overwhelming police presence in majority Black and brown communities here in Greenville. Police responded to Dedan and to the people’s right to free speech with the violent use of tear gas against protestors in an attempt to silence them. Following the rally, Dedan was targeted because of his dedicated organizing efforts for police accountability and Black Liberation and was arrested on bogus, trumped-up charges including “inciting a riot” and “damage to government property”. These charges are being used to silence Black dissent in Eastern North Carolina and make an example of those who speak out against oppressive systems.

Greenville police and other state agencies have continuously made targets out of activists who speak up for Black lives. This is the city’s response to a community organizer and a political attack on the people’s democratic right to free speech. This is an attempt to suppress the voices of the people. 

We ask you to stand in full solidarity with Dedan Waciuri and with all other political prisoners of state repression. 


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