Elon Musk’s Coup Stooge Áñez Arrested Trying to Escape Bolivian Justice


By: Joaquin Flores On: December 2, 2020

La Paz (SCF– On November 24th, Elon Musk’s agent and now deposed Bolivian coup leader Jeanine Áñez was caught trying to escape justice by making her way to Brazil, but was prevented from boarding a plane by a group of citizens who were able to identify her in Trinidad.

Áñez was astoundingly prevented from boarding a plane at the Jorge Henrich Arauz airport in the city of Trinidad, as she was trying to go to a border city and then flee to Brazil. There is likely to be more to this story, involving a small deal with Trinidad & Tobago’s financial intelligence service, the FIUTT, who appears to have informed a left-leaning activist group with ties to Bolivia and Venezuela, to make the ‘citizen’s arrest’, so as to separate the state from the actual arrest.

From Deutsche Bank to Citibank – Espionage: Moves against Morales

At issue here is that Puerto España’s FIUTT service is apparently aware of Áñez’s money laundering to an offshore account under their watch, connected also to the US and its own Citibank. The tip from the FIUTT financial intelligence in Trinidad and Tobago on an eyebrow-raising transaction was relayed directly to vectors within the Movement for Socialism (MAS-IPSP).  Because Áñez has accounts either frozen or under scrutiny in Bolivia, it appears she had suddenly accessed or moved a high amount of money in an offshore account, as she prepared to leave from the Trinidad region (Bolivia) to Brazil. She was likely attempting to travel using false documents.

For its part, the Bolivian BIP or the Special Security Group would not be the best party involved in making the arrest themselves directly, as this could connect that a tip-off from Trinidad and Tobago’s FIUTT had cooperated with Bolivia’s Special Security Group, (or worse, likely, the MAS-IPSP itself) which in turn is conducted under the Ministry of the Interior.  Activities of the Ministry of the Interior are under scrutiny, and moreover, there are divisions and potential leaks within them and could sully the legal case against Áñez. Because of the very same relationships and allegiances that made the coup possible from within the military and police would also apply to Bolivian intelligence activities under the Ministry of the Interior.

Because the Special Security Group and the Multipurpose Intervention Brigade (BIP) may be compromised and could then inform Áñez that her plans were known and an arrest was imminent, where she could have avoided being at the airport that day and would look instead at other ways of crossing the border perhaps by land, the moves here on the part of the Movement for Socialism are better understood…. https://bit.ly/39JKow1

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