Kenosha, January 18, 2021: In the Spirit of Dr. King, WE WAIT NO MORE: CHANGE IS OURS!

Event by Kejuan Goldsmith

Civic Park, Kenosha, WI – 1 – 6 P.M.

On MLK day, we won’t be stopped. On this day we began a new fight for change.
As Jacob Blake continue to not get the justice he deserves; since the system still, after 400 years, is as unequal as ever, its time that we come together for a new approach. On Jan 18th, 2021, we rally for change. I’m calling all activists, and allies from across Wisconsin, to Kenosha, as we showcase just how powerful a movement we are. We wait for change NO MORE. No more Police Brutality. No more systematic racism. No more Racial injustices. No MORE. We won’t tolerate the excuses. Change begins now.

Celebrating the Legacy of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr ...

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