Detroit: Moratorium Now Appeal for Help During the Pandemic

Moratorium NOW! Coalition

A big thank you to those who sent a contribution to Moratorium NOW! Coalition for our end of year fundraiser. Some have asked why we need funds since the pandemic has slowed many things down.

First, we still have to maintain the utilities at our offices at 5920 Second Avenue. We have to keep the pipes from freezing by heating the building and the lights and water on since we still go in on occasion even if there are no in person meetings.

We also are using Zoom technology and keeping up websites, domain names and other computer expenses. And we haven’t stopped our many protests so we have to get signs printed.

Moratorium NOW! Coalition

In the past two weeks we held at least six virtual meetings. On December 9 we protested Trump’s execution of 4 African American men and a white woman. While the corporate media refused to cover this rally at the Federal Building, the photos have been shared on Facebook 135 times. On December 16 we have called anti-racism activist to rally outside the home of State Rep. Cynthia A. Johnson who is a victim of death threats after grilling Trump’s lapdog, Rudy Giuliani in Lansing. Then the Republican state leaders stripped her of all committee positions in the legislature for boldly challenging the terrorists who called for her lynching.

We continue to work with other groups to fight against evictions and water shutoffs. And we have put up a billboard on 8 Mile to expose and fight against racial profiling across 8 Mile Road.

If you haven’t donated yet, please do so. The pandemic has stopped our regular fundraising, like our annual summer barbecue and our winter “day at the theater.” We can’t even pass the bucket every week at our meetings as we always did at 5920 Second Avenue.

You can send your donation via CashApp at $MoratoriumNow1. Make sure you have the number 1 since there is another cashapp that is trying to scam us. You will see (David Sole) pop up when you have the right cashapp. 

Or go old school by sending a check (or dropping it through the mail slot in person) to Moratorium Now, 5920 Second Ave., Detroit, MI 48202.
Thank you — David Sole, for Moratorium NOW! Coalition

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