The Coming Crisis for Republicans and Democrats

…. There is no reason to believe and no evidence to suggest that Biden will break with the policies of catering to Wall Street and the Pentagon that all U.S. administrations of both major parties have faithfully carried out. What then can cause a shift that can benefit the working class?

In truth, only powerful mass movements have ever won any progressive changes in U.S. history. Certainly the conditions are getting so severe as to demand some radical changes. The Democratic Party steered clear of any real program to alleviate mass suffering, especially felt during the COVID pandemic. Biden’s slogan of “Build Back Better” is pitiably hollow.

It isn’t rocket science to know that a true national health care system for all Is desperately needed. Masses of people are expected to lose their housing in the next month, as the federal eviction moratorium expires. Food shortages across the country are staggering, as unemployment continues to rise. Cancellation of the crushing student debt burden has not been addressed. The 2020 election campaign paid no serious attention to the issue of police terror and systematic racism. Immigrant rights have been avoided for decades. A real commitment to women’s rights and LGBTQ+ rights cannot be ignored. Real programs to protect the environment need to be pushed. Defunding the Pentagon and ending imperialist foreign intervention would promote justice and, at the same time, provide the funds needed to pay for vital social programs. Many more issues can be put forward.

But the only way for any and all of this people’s program to be promoted is for the mass movement to hit the streets and to break from the strangling grip of the Democratic Party. That is the real crisis facing the Democrats. A real struggle with clear demands will be able to unify broad sections of the working class. It is the only thing that can disintegrate the right-wing forces that have gathered around Donald Trump and the Republican Party.

Black Lives Matter protest in Oshkosh, Wisconsin fall 2020 Photo wibailoutpeopleorg
Black Lives Matter protest in Oshkosh, Wisconsin fall 2020. | Photo: Wisconsin Bail Out The People Movement

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