December 27, 2020: (Online) Advancing the Philippine Revolution – Honoring the martyrs and 52 years of struggle

Advancing the Philippine Revolution:

Honoring the martyrs and 52 years of struggle

Event will take place on 12/27/2020 at 3 PM-5 PM PT over Zoom

Registration Link:

Warm and militant greetings! We invite you to join BAYAN Seattle and International League of People’s Struggle Seattle to recognize and pay tribute to the martyrs killed by the U.S.-backed Duterte regime and learn about the 52 year civil war between the communist-led revolutionary underground movement and the Government of the Republic of the Philippines. Please share with your organization’s membership and on social media.

Below is additional context for why we’re hosting this event.

Within this past year, the US-backed Duterte regime’s war on the Filipino masses has only intensified. The Philippine government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic was to implement a military-enforced lockdown and quarantine arrests, rather than provide healthcare, PPEs, and mass testing. They abandoned overseas migrant workers, especially J-1 workers and seafarers, who were stranded abroad without any economic aid or support. In the countryside, people feared starvation more than they feared the virus. In the face of continued criticisms and dissent from the masses, the Duterte regime signed into effect the Anti-Terrorism Law this past summer, which has led to the intensification of political repression of the legal mass movement.

Meanwhile, faced with these intolerable conditions, thousands of youth continue to join the communist-led New People’s Army (NPA) which has been waging a protracted people’s war against the reactionary Philippine Government since 1969. Forming organs of revolutionary government in the countryside, the revolutionary underground movement pursues a program of agrarian revolution to free the vast majority of Filipinos from feudal exploitation. To this day, the revolutionary movement continues to arm and mobilize the people and advance their demands for fundamental change and a bright socialist future for the Philippines.

In the face of state violence and fascism, we are hosting this celebration to honor the National Democratic Revolution and the Filipino people’s revolutionary history and resistance. We must stay united against the Duterte regime’s attempts to quash the peoples’ movement for genuine democracy. We must continue to propagate the people’s demands for national democracy with a socialist perspective as the solution to feudalism, bureaucrat capitalism, and U.S. imperialism, and recognize that if these 3 root problems are not solved then the armed conflict will persist.

See you there,

BAYAN Seattle and International League of Peoples Struggle Seattle


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