LA Car Caravan to Demand “End US Blockade of Cuba, Normalize US-Cuba Relations”

For sixty years every Democratic and Republican administration has blockaded Cuba, violated Cuba’s sovereignty and sought to overthrow its government. Under the Trump administration, increased draconian measures have severely impacted Cubans and US residents. For the benefit of all we need travel, education, medical, scientific, and cultural relations normalized. 

Now, when California is in a total medical crisis, lacking nurses, PPE, ICU beds is the time for Governor Newsom and Mayor Garcetti to invite Cuban doctors and nurses to assist those stricken by the disease who lack medical care. 

“Cuba has the expertise with their successful battles against Ebola in West Africa, SARS and other diseases to assist us during this crisis, and they are willing to come” said Brenda Lopez, coordinator of the LA Hands Off Cuba committee and an organizer of the December 27 caravan. “LA County has roughly the same population as Cuba, 12 million.

In LA there are 8800 deaths, In Cuba, by contrast, there have been less than 150 deaths. California just ordered 5,000 body bags and dozens of refrigerated trucks for cadavers. It shall get worse without a radical change in operations and care of those infected.
read the rest — Join the Caravan in LA

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