Milwaukee, December 29, 2020: The Peoples Revolution, Justice For Corey Stingley!

The Peoples Revolution Milwaukee / Day 215 of Protest / ACTION / (December 29th, 2020)🚨🖤❄️

The Peoples Revolution has been fighting for 215 days straight…. THATS RIGHT 🗣🗣

And we gon keep fighting all day and night until this system’s right..YEAH THATS RIGHT 🗣🗣🎄📍

Today we will be meeting at 4:30pm at Reservoir Park (9621 W. Lapham St.), leaving at 5:30pm.📍🎄

8 years ago Milwaukee suffered such a huge injustice, and today we will show them that we haven’t forgotten. Corey Stingley was only 16 years old when he was violently restrained and asphyxiated by three White vigilantes, causing brain damage and eventually his death. John Chisholm refused to charge the three white perpetrators, relinquish his power, and today, a family still suffers from the lack of justice in our system. Additionally, because racial inequities are still present, Chisholm currently refuses to charge all three of the perpetrators who choked Joel Acevedo to death THIS year. Today, we will remember Corey Stingley and show our city that we have not forgotten‼️‼️




Crime & Punishment: The Death of Corey Stingley (Trailer)

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