A Rebuke To Scott Walker: Feb.-March, 2011 IS NOT Jan. 6, 2021!

Various right-wing individuals such as former Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, the racist, anti-worker bigot, are trying to equate the valiant peoples occupation of the state capitol in Madison, WI Feb-March 2011 to the attempted putsch by right-wing forces at the U.S. capitol January 6, 2021. Scott Walker is a complete tool of the rich in particular the right-wing Milwaukee-based Bradley Foundation. He’s never in his entire life been a friend of poor and working people. On the contrary Walker his entire life has waged war against the working class and in particular hates Black and Brown people.

This is why a class struggle analysis is needed in the people’s struggle. This pamphlet clearly details the class character of the people’s occupation of the state capitol in Wisconsin in 2011 which was a genuine popular uprising of poor and working people from all sectors of the working class with people of color, women, students, LGBTQ, union members etc. January 6, 2021 in contrast was a white supremacist right-wing attempted putsch backed, supported and organized by Trump, like Walker and Reagan, a lifelong enemy of poor and working people in particular people of color.


For Information: Wisconsin Voter Public Access | Wisconsin ...
Tens of thousands of poor and working people occupy the state capitol in Madison, Wisconsin February 2011. / Photo: Bryan G Pfeifer

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