Union Leaders: Working People Respond to Attempted Coup at U.S. Capitol


President Kevin Gundlach (AFSCME), South Central Federation of Labor:

“The South Central Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO condemns the insurrectionists who attacked our U.S. Capitol and all those who work and serve within it. Let’s make this clear. The responsibility lies equally on those who committed these atrocious acts, as well Trump and his Republican allies in Congress, who continued to stoke the conspiratorial lies and incited this mob. This was not an expression of democracy. This was an attack against it. We stand with our sisters and brother of the AFL-CIO, all of labor, and all honorable Americans to protect our democracy from such seditious and treasonous acts.”

No photo description available.
A real people’s occupation of the state capitol in Madison, Wisconsin Feb. 2011 to oppose Act 10 and other attacks on poor and working people.

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