Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Wisconsin


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Martin Luther King Jr.

See about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

 Father James Groppi

See more about Fr. James Groppi

 “The March on Milwaukee”

The story of the struggle for fair housing in Milwaukee as told in a new online collection from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

 “Turbulent Events in Milwaukee”

View ‘March on Milwaukee,’ an article written by Margaret Rozga and published in the Summer 2007 issue of the “Wisconsin Magazine of History.”

 The Nick Kotz Papers

The Society Archives contains one of the nation’s richest collections on the career of Dr. King, including a copy of the files kept on him by the FBI, obtained by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Nick Kotz under the Freedom of Information Act. Kotz acquired the archive while researching his book about Lyndon Johnson, Martin Luther King Jr., and the civil rights movement entitled “Judgment Days.” Kotz eventually donated the FBI archive to the Society along with other valuable research materials.

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