Facebook: don’t censor our critiques of Zionism!

Dear Friends,

Today, we are part of a broad coalition that is launching a petition to prevent Facebook from revising its hate speech policy to define critique of Zionism as inherently antisemitic.

Conflating criticism of the nationalist ideology of Zionism with antisemitism undermines efforts to dismantle real antisemitism. It also severely limits the space for Palestinians and others to express their political points of view, describe violations of their human rights, and share experiences of violence at the hands of Zionists. Please sign and share this petition.

“We are currently planning a national day of action and looking for volunteers in the following cities willing to be a part of a small covid friendly petition delivery in their communities:  New York, Johannesburg, Mexico City, Sao Paolo and Sidney.  There are others as well so do send me an email at rochelle@fosna.org if you are interested in helping out!” 

If Facebook decides to move ahead with adding “Zionist” to its hate speech policy, it could silence the critical work we are doing to expose the underlying antisemitism and Islamophobia inherent in Christian Zionism. Those of us who seek a more just world know that we must confront the political ideology and heretical reading of the Bible expressed by Christian Zionists—a group in the U.S. that vastly outnumbers American Jews who embrace a Zionist ideology.  

Thank you for taking action!

Rochelle Watson

National Organizer
Friends of Sabeel North America


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