News links – Feb. 4, 2021

Indigenous rights group to protest Kansas City Chiefs over ‘dehumanizing’ name ahead of Super Bowl

Proud Boys and Black Lives Matter activists clashed in a Florida suburb. Only BLM was arrested. Washington Post

Prosecutors don’t know Kyle Rittenhouse’s whereabouts, seek arrest warrant WISN

Pentagon purges hundreds of Trump loyalists installed at the last minute AP

Wall Street

Welcome to the most lop-sided playing field in the history of markets Wall Street on Parade

Trading boom propels Deutsche Bank to first profit in six years


Covering School Reopening, Chicago Papers Pit Unions Against Parents FAIR

Kroger Closes Two Stores Rather Than Give Workers Hazard Pay Labor411

Bloomberg says Biden must stand up to teachers’ unions

59% of workers who would benefit from a $15 minimum wage are women—here’s how it would affect the pay gap CNBC


Cuba: Soft coup script is repeated and once again fails Granma

Cuba to Offer COVID-19 Vaccine to Arriving Tourists as Island Aims for Total Inoculation in 2021 Sputnik

America’s Cancerous Legacy for the Descendants of the Kidnapped Africans Who Arrived on the Last Slave Ship

‘Robert E. Lee and Me’ dismantles Confederate mythology CSM

Historian and retired brigadier general Ty Seidule issues a full-throated indictment of the “Lost Cause” and dethrones the Confederate general.


Farmworkers say employers, Cal/OSHA don’t enforce COVID-19 safety regulations The Californian

Undocumented Restaurant Workers Should Be Prioritized for the Vaccine Food & Wine

The Second COVID-19 Shot Is a Rude Reawakening for Immune Cells The Atlantic

Side effects are just a sign that protection is kicking in as it should.

What the Vaccine’s Side Effects Feel Like The Atlantic

The COVID-19 vaccine will make some people feel sick. But they’re not—that’s the immune system doing its job.

Vaccinating Children against Covid-19 — The Lessons of Measles NEJM


Ecuador’s Left Is Back – And On the Verge of Power


President Nicolás Maduro: ‘We have Not Allowed Ourselves to Be Overthrown or Colonized’ Orinoco Tribune


US sends warship through Taiwan Strait for first time under Biden CNN

US admiral warns of ‘real possibility’ of nuclear war with Russia, China NY Post

Is this the end of the A68a iceberg? Enormous block of Antarctic ice that was once three and a half times bigger than LONDON suffers another major split Daily Mail

See yesterday’s news links here

Chicago Teacher’s Union members, supporters and students, Chicago Teachers Union

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