Solidarity With Educators Fighting For Safety in Schools!

May be an image of text that says 'CDC Research on Wisconsin COVID Cases Finding: COVID Spreads in Schools Cumulative total confirmed COVID-19 cases by date confirmed Updated: 2/10 2021 550,000 500, 000 450,000 400, 000 350,000 551,871 300, 300,000 Fegaling School 250, 50,000 200, 200,000 50,000 Nov. Nov.16 16 100, 000 50,000 3/1 3/22 4/12 Sept. Sept.3 5/3 5/24 6/14 7/5 7/26 8/16 9/6 9/27 10/18 11/8 11/29 12/20 1/10 1/31 2/21 14.3% of All COVID Outbreak Cases Were Associated with K12 Schools or Childcare Facilities'

Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association

There is NO debate about whether COVID spreads in schools. This CDC report definitively shows where the outbreaks are occurring and K12 schools are a major source. The only places where outbreaks have occurred with greater frequency are correctional facilities, colleges and universities, and long term care facilities. In other words, places where lots of people gather in a small space for long periods of time with poor ventilation. This is the very definition of schools. This is why we must #StayVirtualStaySafe until the surrounding community is vaccinated and the spread of infection is controlled. #demandsafeschools

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