Feb. 17, 2021: (Online) Freedom Inc, My Written Soul (LGBTQI + API folks)

May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'my Written Soul Healing through Poetry with Leana Yang This space is only for LGBTQI+ API folks February 17, 2021 6:00 pm ct 7:30 pm ct'

Freedom Inc

**This Space is only for LGBTQI+ Asian Pacific Islander


“Poetry just isn’t roses are red violets are blue. It’s how we connect our emotions into this beautiful artistry and being able to translate it into words that flows through you. A place where no one can judge you for speaking your truth through art, through soul searching and healing. Poetry allows you to create your own world onto paper and call it yours. Your written soul. “ – Leana Yang

Leana Yang, pronouns she/her/hers/Queen, anything said with love is a mother, a writer, and she works full time as a community activist to abolish systematic discrimination and oppression at the Hmong American Women’s Association. She is a domestic violence survivor that speaks on Women empowerment and embodies being an unapologetic, Hmong Queer Femme Leader in Milwaukee. Leana is dedicated to uplifting Women in the community and values the safety of Southeast Asian Women, Queer Folks, and youth girls. Her goals are providing the healing space , connecting resources, and building self determination in a community where our Southeast Asia Women, Queer Folks, and youth girls can live in a world free from violence. Leana self healing involves quality family time with her son , her partner and their dog at home and family outdoor adventures. In addition, she enjoys working out, writing poetry, reading, taking care of her indoor plants and going on long walks.

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