Feb. 22, 2021: Moratorium NOW! Coalition Black History Program – Fighting Police Terror & Repression!

Event by Moratorium NOW! Coalition

Online: tinyurl.com

This special meeting is being held in honor of African American History Month 2021. The event is in commemoration of the life, times and contributions of Malcolm X (El Hajj Malik El Shabazz, 1925-1965).

Join this discussion on the relationship between issues which emerged during the times of Malcolm X and today. We will feature a panel of speakers and artists from the Detroit area. The program is free and open to the public. You must register for the online Zoom event prior to the date and time.

Zoom Registration requiredhttps://tinyurl.com/MalcolmX-2021

Moderated by:  Anthony Ali, Derek Grigsby
Zoom Technical Support:  Cassie Williams

Opening: Video with Protest Footage and a clip from Malcolm X Speech

The purpose of this forum, during Black history month, is to make the connection of Police terror and repression during the time of Malcolm X assassination, 57 years ago, February 21, 1965, with the actions of the Police today which are the culminations for the Black Lives Matter movement.


*Wanda Olugala, Spoken Word, Poet, Writer, and School Social Worker

*Sammie Lewis, Organizer, Detroit Will Breathe, BLM

*Sarah Torres, Musician, Moratorium Now! Coalition

*Julie Hurwitz of the National Lawyers Guild

*Abayomi Azikiwe of Moratorium Now! Coalition

Questions & Answers

The Ben Will Band, Musical Video, Black History presentation from American Music Abroad Tour

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