The Peoples Revolution/ Day 263 of Action /Protest Feb. 16, 2021

As we’ve marched and fought for justice for now 263 days we must always remember and pay homage to those who fought during Civil Rights Movement of the 1960’s. It is the comparison of these two great movements that Katty Ranjow will be discuss tonight during a presentation at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point in their program “Coffee and Culture: Protesting in America”.

Tonight, grab your favorite hot beverage, and settle in while supporting fellow TPR members Mariah Smith, John Larry, Kami Simmone, Christine Groppi , Wen Kochiyama and Brandon Wilborn as they speak as part of a panel during this presentation educating students on why all lives cannot matter until Black Lives Matter!

This presentation will be livestreamed and recorded for those unavailable to attend the live presentation. Link to the Facebook Event Page with Live Stream link:

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