Houston Janitors Need Support!

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SIGN PETITION: https://bit.ly/3qC27Lx

“My name is Berta and I worked for Professional Janitorial Services. I feel like I risked my life when I came to work.

This isn’t safe for anyone.”

Hi. My name is Berta, I used to work for a cleaning company called Professional Janitorial Services (PJS).

Even though we are in the middle of a pandemic, PJS does not provide the janitors who clean Pennzoil Place with masks or paid sick days–which means janitors are forced to choose between going to work sick or losing much-needed pay. 

It shouldn’t be that way.

Sign the petition today – https://bit.ly/3qC27Lx – & tell the property managers, real estate companies, and those who can make a difference that no janitor should go without proper PPE and paid sick days.

We want to tell Transwestern–the company that manages Pennzoil Place here in the United States–and certain members of the Mann family–a wealthy well-known German-family who we have reason to believe has substantial control and/or ownership over the company who owns Pennzoil Place–to do right by essential Houston Janitors. To date, we have contacted the Mann Family and have received no response.

Let’s hope they hear us now.



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