National Nurses United: ‘No one should be scared away from care’

NNU: “No one should be scared away from care”

National Nurses United member Kim Walsh, RN, yesterday urged the Maryland legislature to pass HB565 to protect patients from medical debt lawsuits and predatory debt collection. “No one should be scared away from care or forced into bankruptcy when they get needed care,” NNU tweeted.
– from our MWC affiliate Twitter stream

Tell your senator to support hazard pay for food workers
UFCW members have been working and dying during this pandemic, reports UFCW 400. “To date, 374 UFCW members have died due to COVID-19 and over 69,900 members have been infected or exposed to the virus.” Food workers have been reporting to work throughout the pandemic and deserve to be compensated for the extreme risk that they and their families face every day, says Local 400. Click here  to send a message to your state’s congressional leaders about what these workers are facing on the frontlines and to stress the urgent need to fight for hazard pay.

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