Moratorium Now Coalition, Detroit: Black History Month Program, Fighting Police Terror & Repression

Event by Moratorium NOW! Coalition

Zoom Registration required

Moratorium Now! Coalition

Black History Program:  Fighting Police Terror & Repression

Monday, February 22, 2021 @ 7 pm EST

Moderated by:  Anthony Ali, Derek Grigsby
Zoom Technical Support:  Cassie Williams

Opening: Video with Protest Footage and a clip from Malcolm X Speech

The purpose of this forum, during Black history month, is to make the connection of Police terror and repression during the time of Malcolm X assassination, 57 years ago, February 21, 1965, with the actions of the Police today which are the culminations for the Black Lives Matter movement.


*Wanda Olugala, Spoken Word, Poet, Writer, and School Social Worker

*Sammie Lewis, Organizer, Detroit Will Breathe, BLM

*Sarah Torres, Musician, Moratorium Now! Coalition

*Julie Hurwitz of the National Lawyers Guild

*Abayomi Azikiwe of Moratorium Now! Coalition

Questions & Answers

The Ben Will Band, Musical Video, Black History presentation from American Music Abroad Tour

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