March 4, 2021: Car Caravans to Last Meal Celebration with Kenosha 4

Event by Building Unity

On this date, the Kenosha 4 – Justin Blake, Joe Cardinali, Andy Berg, and Rev. Jonathan Barker – plan to have their last meal for over 22 days. We are invited to join them.

They are embarking on this fast demanding climate justice for Wisconsin in this state budget. Climate justice for Wisconsin is a hopeful vision for our community where everyone has a livable future, the opportunity for good paying green jobs, clean air to breathe, and clean water to drink.

Building Unity will join the “Kenosha 4” on this day of celebration and hope in Kenosha with car caravans from around the state, as well as by live-streaming portions of the event to the Building Unity Facebook page.

The details of this event are still forthcoming. Please watch this and upcoming event post for updates.

This will be an outdoor, safely-distanced event. Please wear masks.

Please call Tim at 608-630-3633 if you have questions, if you would like help organize, or if you would like to be part of one of the caravans going to Kenosha.

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