Milwaukee, March 6, 2021: Joel Acevedo Rally for Justice!

Event by The Peoples Revolution Milwaukee

2201 S 7th Street, Milwaukee (Kosciuszko Park) – 12:30 P.M.


Former MPD officer Mathew Mattioli begins his trial for killing Joel Acevedo on Monday, March 8.What does the Milwaukee County DA Office know about the Joel Acevedo Case?
They KNOW Joel was choked for 11 minutes and 22 seconds.
They KNOW Joel pleaded for his life for 11 minutes and 22 seconds.
They KNOW Joel begged to go home for 11 minutes and 22 seconds.
They KNOW that – during an unsanctioned party during the middle of statewide COVID lockdown – 25 year old Joel Acevedo was murdered by now-former Milwaukee Police Officer Michael Mattioli with help from Christopher Peters and Andrew Janikowski who held Joel’s body while he was choked to death.🗣

Help us let Milwaukee know: we demand JUSTICE FOR JOEL!

Help us wake up our city!

We begin at Kosciuszko Park at 12:30pm. We will leave at 1pm for a city-wide lit drop.

We’ll come back together to rally for Joel at 2pm (location announced Saturday).

Free food will be provided after the lit drop.

May be an image of one or more people, people standing, outdoors and brick wall

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