Nacyra Gomez, Director of the CERSERSE Center in Cuba – March 6, 2021 Online

But grab a cup of (Cuban) coffee, and pull up a chair and let’s have a conversation with a Cuban friend. Nacyra Gomez is the Director of the CERSERSE Center (the Center for Loving Care) in Varadaro, active in the Presbyterian church there and with the Cuban Women’s Federation, a former elected member of People’s Power — and much more. Nacyra has done a lot of things, read her bio here.
Join us for an hour of conversation about life in Cuba, the religious community there, her work as an active layperson and Cuban citizen and feminist. What are some of the typical joys and struggles for the ‘average’ person? How are they affected by U.S. policies? How do things “work” in Cuba — get Nacyra’s opinion.
Most importantly — ask your questions. What would you like to know? Email us with your questions now, so we can be sure they get included.

Register here:

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