Tweetstorm & Selfie Day for BAmazon Solidarity

Many thanks to all who’ve signed the petition and made calls to Amazon and Morgan Lewis to tell them to stop union busting and express solidarity with the BAmazon Union.
Momentum behind the workers in Bessemer continues to build, as U.S. President Biden issued a statement supporting the workers’ right to organize. This is a victory for the movement, given Biden’s initial reluctance to say anything on what’s happening in Bessemer, with many workers and activists pressuring him to go on record.
The Virtual Week of Action to show solidarity with the historic struggle being waged by the majority Black workers in Bessemer, Alabama to win the first U.S. union at Amazon continues with a tweet storm today and a solidarity selfie day on Thursday.
Wednesday, March 3 – Tweetstorm: No Union Busting! Solidarity with BAmazon Union!
Tweet at Amazon, Morgan Lewis, and their executives to let them know: the whole world is watching and is in solidarity with the workers fighting for their union in Bessemer!Check out this page on the website for a list of handles to send your messages of solidarity and condemnation of their union busting, and some sample tweets to use and inspire your own messages as well.
Thursday, March 4 – Solidarity Selfie and Video Day
Take a selfie or film a short video with a message of solidarity for the workers in Bessemer, Alabama.
Post your video to social media and make sure to tag the BAmazon Union account (@BAmazonUnion) and use the hastags #BAmazonUnion #OrganizetheSouth #UnionYes

Sat, March 6, 5pm est: National Solidarity Organizing Meeting & Workers Assembly

=> REGISTER for the meeting here

& Start Planning For:

March 20: International Day of Action in Solidarity With Alabama Amazon Workers & Against Union Busting

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