Kenosha, March 12, 2021: Prayer Vigil for George Floyd and Joel Acevedo

Event by Elizabeth Webb

900 57th Street, Civic Park, Kenosha, 5 P.M.

We will be having a Prayer vigil in honor of George Floyd and Joel Acevedo and their families. As they go through the trials of the officers who killed them. Please join us for prayer and Solidarity at Civic Park, 900 57th Street, Kenosha.

May be an image of 3 people and text that says 'Pray for George and Joel March 12th 5:00PM Civic Park, Kenosha RAISE YOUR VOICE Mr Keno$ha SASTERS HOUSE Buildino Bridoes Please join to honor the memories of George Floyd and Joel Acevedo and pray for their families during the trial process.'

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