March 20, 2021: Lansing, MI, The People’s March

MI peoples' march.jpg

March 20, 2021 – 1pm Risdale Park Lansing Michigan
4500 Pleasant Grove Road, Lansing, MI 49811
From facebook event: We face the dramatic rise of a mass fascist movement and the continued assault on Black and Brown people by police & white supremacy. This has intensified despite the decisive rise of the largest anti-racist mass movement in US history: Black Lives Matter. Thousands die everyday from an out of control pandemic without access to health care.

We face mass evictions, insurmountable debt, (still) poisoned water in Flint and pending disaster in the Great Lakes from Line 5. Capitalism and the State offer nothing but more cuts to social programs, more police, and more resources for the rich, all the while telling us to foot the bill without complaint. No one is coming to save us. The system isn’t broken; it was made this way. Politicians, both democrats and republicans, have no solutions for our long term problems & needs. Real solutions will only come from Popular power rooted in our communities, our workplaces and schools.

The General Defense Committee and Solidarity & Defense are calling on organizations and individuals to join a Statewide People’s Rally and March In Lansing.
We Fight For:
Top to Bottom – No Tolerance for Fascists!
Human Need Over Capitalist Greed
Defund, Dismantle, and Abolish The Police
Healthcare & Dignity not Covid Deaths
No Compromise with the Climate Crisis
No Evictions ever – especially during a Pandemic
De-commodify housing – housing is a human right
Clean Water and Justice for Flint
No Pipelines on Stolen Land
Abolish ICE – No Kids in Cages

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