Detroit, March 26, 2021: Striking Teamster Workers Rally & Picket!

Teamsters Local 337


Detroit Will Breathe

Endorsed by:
– Southeast Michigan Jobs With Justice
– Metro Detroit Democratic Socialist of America

Detroit Will Breathe Continues to Stand With Teamsters Local 337 Workers Fighting for A Fair Contract! #Boycott7UPWorkers represented by Teamsters Local 337 who work at 7UP have been on strike for 12 days, fighting for an end to an unfair and racist two-tier system that pays workers different wages for performing the same work.

Negotiations are ongoing and we want to keep up the momentum for workers to get the contract they want!

The solidarity between these workers, including white workers and tier one workers fighting for Black and tier-two workers, is the type of action workers and oppressed people need to win real justice. It’s part of the same struggle against systemic inequality and police brutality that exploded last summer.

Therefore, DWB believes the BLM movement needs to stand with the 7UP workers. Come join DWB as we stand with these workers tomorrow from 11am to 2pm. And if you can’t make it those times, come to the picket line in the morning, starting at 4:30am, or when you can. Workers are always there!

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