The Defund Oakland Police Coalition Celebrates Major Victory

Anti Police-Terror Project

By Defund Police Coalition – Press statement

(Oakland, CA)—As a result of extensive organizing by the Defund Police Coalition (Defund OPD), an Anti Police-Terror Project [APTP] led coalition, Oakland’s Reimagining Public Safety Task Force last night finalized a proposal of bold, smart and transformative recommendations that will completely reimagine public safety in Oakland. These final recommendations will be submitted to City Council on April 1st. With these recommendations the people of Oakland are leading the way for the nation to reimagine public safety and divert bloated police department budgets to community services that actually keep us safe. This is the second significant victory just this week for the people of Oakland in the yearslong campaign to defund Oakland police. On Tuesday the City Council voted to create a new police free mental health program in Oakland (called MACRO). This is on the heels of APTPs successful launch of MH1st, Oakland’s only non 9-1-1 mental health response hotline. The Defund OPD Coalition now demands that the city create a scaffolded plan to realize it’s commitment to the people of Oakland of defunding the Oakland Police Department by fifty percent and reinvesting those funds in our communities….

Anti Police-Terror Project

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