Madison, April 8, 2021: Sit-In For Trans Lives

Event by Rylee Jenich

In response to a recent transphobic verbal assault, and consistent racist rhetoric/ derogatory remarks, WE call on the community to join us in permanently boycotting BP East Wash. (4222 E Washington Ave. at 5;30 P.M. Central)

Additionally, to keep our communities safe, we will meet any hateful behavior, with direct ACTION. On Thursday April 8th, we will be staging a sit-in to DEMAND that the 3 employees responsible be terminated immediately.

We need you with us. Tomorrow we stand together to condemn hate in our community. We will protect the most marginalized people among us.

If you would like to help support this action, and fund food, water, and sign making materials I will leave my information below.

May be an image of one or more people and text that says 'BP GAS STATION 4222 E Washington Ave BOYCOTK 4/8/21 @ 5:30 PM Madison, WI 53704 TRANS PROTEST SIT INT RESPONSE TO REPEATED TRANSPHOBIC AND 大 RACIST CONDUCT BY BP EMPLOYEES'

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