Sign-on Statement on Syria

Pro-Western Syrian exiles have initiated a statement supported by a number of “progressive” individuals and organizations.  The statement is titled,“Erasing people through disinformation: Syria and the ‘anti-imperialism’ of fools”.  In this statement, which supports the goal of the US and its allies of regime change in Syria, the authors attack those who have consistently supported an end to intervention in Syria by the US, NATO, Israel and other repressive states in the Middle East.  Their statement was signed by a number of people in the US and around the world.  UNAC was one of the groups that this statement criticized.  The war on Syria has been an especially divisive issue for the peace movement, so, we and others have put out the statement below explaining our position.  If you agree with this statement, we ask that you sign as an individual or an organization by clicking the link below.

Click here to sign the statement


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