Who are the real looters?

Stephen Millies – April 17, 2021

Whenever the cops kill somebody, you can count on two things: 1) Fox News and other Trump supporters will smear the victim, and 2) the TV networks and newspapers will focus on “looting,” almost drowning out the murder of a human being by police. 

Isn’t this what happened after 20-year-old Black man Daunte Wright was shot to death for having an air freshener in his car? Media coverage splurged on people taking stuff from stores in Brooklyn Park, Minn., just outside Minneapolis.

President Joe Biden chimed in, declaring: “There is absolutely no justification — none — for looting.” 

Mr. President, looting made America great. The White House you live in was built on stolen land by enslaved Africans.

The entire country was stolen from Indigenous nations. Millions were killed by massacres and smallpox. The Pilgrims looted more than Bernie Madoff could dream of.

“Those sober virtuosi of Protestantism, the Puritans of New England, in 1703, by decrees of their assembly set a premium of 40 pounds on every Indian scalp,” wrote Karl Marx in “Capital.” Marx was the founder of scientific socialism, also known as communism.

Tens of millions of people were stolen from Africa in the trans-Atlantic slave trade. By 1860, the cotton grown by enslaved Africans accounted for 61% of U.S. exports

Wall Street became the U.S. financial center as bankers for the slave masters. While today New York City has municipal farmers’ markets, there was once a municipal slave market on Wall Street.

It was the African Holocaust and the Holocaust of Indigenous peoples that jumpstarted the capitalist world market.

Reparations are overdue for Black and Indigenous people. As the December 12th Movement says, “They stole us, they sold us, they owe us!”

The Walton family crime gang

What is poor people taking food, clothing and other items from a Walmart compared to the Walton family’s $235-billion stash? Every cent of this filthy-rich family fortune is stolen from over 2 million poorly-paid workers. 

The starting wage for Walmart’s 1.5 million employees in the U.S. is just $11 per hour. Walmart’s 700,000 workers in other countries are paid even less.

Banksters are the biggest looters. They stole nearly 7.8 million homes from families between 2007 and 2016. 

These foreclosures threw over 20 million people on the street. If that’s not looting, nothing is.

Forty-five million people in the United States are trying to pay off $1.7 trillion in student loans. Banksters and other loan sharks will collect hundreds of billions in interest.

President Biden, won’t you stop this real looting by wiping out the debt for millions of people and tell the banks to go to hell?

Even worse looting is committed by payday lenders who in many states are allowed to charge over 100% annual interest. 

Malcolm X declared, “You show me a capitalist, I’ll show you a bloodsucker.” The United States exported $28.6 billion of blood and plasma in 2017.  

That’s $6 billion more than the $22.5 billion of all the corn, beef and wheat exported that year. Millions of poor people depend on their blood being looted so they can eat.

Over 40 bloodsucking plasma centers are located along the U.S.-Mexican border so Mexican people there can have their blood looted, too. Half of Mexico was stolen by the U.S. in order to expand slavery….

Tens of millions of people were stolen from Africa in the trans-Atlantic slave trade.

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