Appleton – May Day 2021

United Action Oshkosh 

Houdini Plaza, 111 W College Avenue, Appleton, WI – 4 P.M.

(Details subject to change)

May 1st is International Workers Day! Join us for a rally and march celebrating workers around the world, recognizing the fights, sacrifices, and victories of the working class – past, present, and future.

We will rally at Houdini Plaza, then march to City Park for socializing and food.

Our May Day program is as follows:

1) Unions for All!
Support the AFL-CIO push to pass the PRO Act. Demand a national effort to organize Amazon. End Right to Work in Wisconsin.

2) Jobs or Income Now!
People need relief after more than a year of COVID. Stimulus checks must be paid in full to all. Extend or reinstate rent, mortgage, and eviction moratoriums. Increase the minimum wage.

3) End Police Crimes!
Support the demand for community control of the police. Jail killer cops. Defund inflated police departments and invest in our communities.

4) Defend Immigrant Rights!
Close the camps. End the continued policies of mass deportations and raids. Legalization for all undocumented people.

5) Protect the Earth!
We need climate action now. No more dirty pipelines, fracking, and other harmful mining projects. A green infrastructure and jobs program must be enacted. Respect indigenous treaty rights and sovereignty.

6) International Solidarity!
End the U.S. regime of war and sanctions. End U.S. aid to the notorious regimes in the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, and Israel. Independence for Puerto Rico.

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