Brother Larry Hales: Keynote Speaker at the WI People’s Power Summit June 12, 2021

Mr. Larry Hales Biography

Mr. Larry Hales, a national leader of the People’s United Front, will be the Keynote Speaker at the Wisconsin People’s Power Summit in Maribel June 12, 2021.

People’s Power Summit Facebook Event:


Mr. Larry Hales is a longtime people’s activist. Hales has vast experience organizing and working with students, workers and community members in many capacities including facilitating skill building workshops in public speaking, writing, outreach and numerous other forms of activism. In 2011-12 and at other times, Mr. Hales has spent significant time organizing in Milwaukee and other cities in Wisconsin. 

Mr. Hales, a national leader of the People’s United Front, is a leader in various movements for progressive social, political and economic change. He is on the front lines protesting police brutality, fighting for affirmative action, supporting political prisoners such as Mr. Mumia Abu-Jamal and Mr. Leonard Peltier, and working in solidarity with the women’s liberation, LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) and union movements. Hales is well-known for his solidarity work in support of Palestine and the Hip-Hop movement.

Mr. Hales, as a journalist, has written extensively on the above issues as well as cultural and international issues for various print and on-line publications. Hales’ journalism work has focused on many issues including the education crisis in the United States and how the banks, corporations and U.S. wars are responsible for this crisis affecting millions of students and their loved ones, in particular poor and working students and students of color.

As part of his organizing and speaking work, Mr. Hales has traveled extensively to numerous cities throughout the United States and internationally including to Cuba, Bangladesh, Palestine and the Phillipines. 


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