Kenosha, May 21 2021: Keep Clyde Free! Demand DA Wiedenfeld Drop The Charges!

912 56th Street, Kenosha, 10 A.M.

We will be gathering in front of the Kenosha County Courthouse on May 21st at 10:00AM to support Clyde McLemore.

Clyde McLemore is the founder of the Black Lives Matter chapter in Lake County, Illinois. He was falsely charged on February 20th, 2021 by District Attorney Graveley, with attempted battery to a law enforcement officer — a felony — and disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor. If convicted, McLemore could be imprisoned up to three years. This is clearly a targeted attack on another Black freedom fighter. These charges are distorting the truth and only serve to put a halt to the Black Liberation movement, as we have seen so many times in the past.

At the very same protests in Kenosha that McLemore attended, the police were allowed to brutalize protestors with no consequence. Kyle Rittenhouse murdered two people and shot a third, yet the cops let him walk away from the situation and turn himself in. Now McLemore, a Black freedom fighter, is being charged on politically and racially motivated charges several months after the uprising in Kenosha.

As long as we live under this racist system, this fight is never over! Join the Milwaukee Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression in demanding District Attorney Widenfeld to DROP THE CHARGES! McLemore will be attending a preliminary hearing as we rally, so it’s important that we show McLemore our unwavering solidarity.

Event by Milwaukee Alliance Against Racist & Political Repression

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